Training, Seminars & Executive Education

It’s great that you want to learn! We’d love to teach anyone who is willing to learn the secrets of successful marketing. We offer several kinds of training, seminars and executive education.

Elite Marketing Foundation covers a wide range of marketing topics. Our classes, sessions, training, and seminars involve simulations, lectures, cases, discussions and group projects to ensure that the student learns every nooks and cranny of the marketing topic they chose to learn.

At its core, our training services follow specific phases:

  • Fundamentals
  • Cases
  • Advanced topics
  • Cases and Simulation
  • Delving Deeper
  • Group Discussion
  • Group Projects

We also have courses available for immediate access. The following are available on-demand:

  1. Building a Successful Marketing Strategy
  2. The Basics of Search Engine Optimization
  3. What is SEM? Learning SEM from the Ground Up
  4. How to Develop a Brand Advertising Strategy
  5. Managing your Online Reputation
  6. Beginner’s Guide to WordPress
  7. How to Use WordPress for Marketing Effectively

Besides that, we have live classes and sessions which are announced every once in a while. You can also schedule a seminar, workshop or training session.

Contact us today for more information.