About Us

Elite Marketing Foundation is a group of individuals passionate about marketing. We’ve been helping marketing managers, businesses and individuals make the right marketing decision for more than a decade.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients and students get the most out of their marketing strategies and marketing knowledge. We do that by employing only the best strategies and tools at our disposal to teach or help, whichever service our client ordered, them to achieve the pinnacle of success. We go at great lengths to ensure that our work is only of exceptional quality.

Our Marketing Services

For businesses and individuals looking for marketing services, we are committed to bringing them only the best results using proven methods, ideas and tools that bring only positive results.

We’ve worked with several businesses and individuals in the past. We ensure that we maintain proper communication by working closely together with our clients. This ensures that every marketing decisions we make are perfectly aligned with our client’s visions. This is to ensure that our client’s established or desired persona is remained untouched. Identity is important in businesses.

While we always try to steer our marketing efforts into the direction that we believe is the best for the business or individual, we do not fail to always consult them about what they think or about their opinion. We always strive hard to meet our client’s wants and needs as much as possible, again, to maintain their established or desired persona.

There are results that, true, brings success, but sometimes, the marketing decision and strategy doesn’t seem to align with the established or desired persona. Sometimes, rigid decisions are to be made which could potentially alter our client’s persona. This is oftentimes vastly different from what our clients want to be perceived. However, such decisions are sometimes imperative in order to reach success. That’s why we strive to create only the best and the perfect marketing strategies, plans, and decisions that fit the needs and the wants as well as the persona of our clients to ensure that they obtain both success and happiness with the results.

Our Educational Services

Teaching is the best form of learning. By teaching others about our craft, we believe that we can further improve ourselves. Furthermore, passing knowledge to another is an important cycle of the world we live in. If not, we’d still be living in caves.

We always strive hard to deliver the best learning experience to our students. We do that by letting them experience what our marketing services look like firsthand. We teach our students whatever time they are comfortable with and we even let them learn at the comfort of their bed. We do this by utilizing the latest technologies such as video call, video conferencing, live streaming, digital e-books, on-demand videos, and more.

We offer live seminars, classrooms, videos, live streaming, one-on-one video coaching and many more. We give our students the freedom of choice because we believe that knowledge can be obtained anytime and anywhere you want, especially in the digital age.

Our Core Values

This is what made our company what it is today. We never fail to emancipate our four core values to maintain our company’s integrity.


Sharing ideas and supporting each other is one of the best ways to improve our company and our clients. We not only collaborate with one another – we collaborate with you.


We go over and over again to ensure that our work has the best results. We never stop until we’re sure that the quality is at its peak.


We maintain and uphold our ideals, philosophy, and beliefs and we provide an ethical workplace and environment as well as working schedule to our employees. We always do the right thing no matter how tough the required decision is.


Creativity is important in the marketing world. We always strive hard to come up with unique plans, strategies and teaching techniques, challenging ourselves to continuously grow and enhance our processes and procedures.